Happy Columbus Day To All


What a guy huh?  He takes credit for finding America even though he didn’t…murders millions of indigenous people…now we get a three day weekend!  So I for one say thank you Christopher Columbus!  Screw the Vikings and native americans, in the words of the great poker player Maverick, “I feel like it’s their fault anyway, for being on our land before we got here”


2 Responses to “Happy Columbus Day To All”

  1. Shutup Says:

    Yo, im sitting at the office on a Monday when my office is closed due to Columbus Day because he got fing lost out at sea tring to do god knows what and arrived accidentally to the Bahamas to get wasted with his donkey pirate friends. The Bahamas isnt even part of the United States, its a just a destination just for rich white people to go get wasted, sit on the beach and probably half of the donkeys on wallstreet who swindle money from other zeros are in the bahamas taking advantage of the long weekend, or no wait they arent cause they are fing poor now. Second of the bond market is closed because they are cocky and the stock market is open because they are poor. Thirdly, Columbus didnt find America the god damn Native Americans found America hence the name NATIVE FING AMERICANS because they were here before colmbus and his donkey british hooligans got lost and then they couldnt even beat us after we raged them in the revolotionary war after we killed off the people who actually found America. Sweet Holiday, let me know when were done invading afgahnistan and Iraq so I can paddle my donkey canoe over there put down a flag and name it DONKEY LAND and the entire middle east can celebrate it ..ur all zeros

    • DevilsYanksJets Says:

      that was a very intelligent post i agree 100% percent on your views towards Columbus.. he was the king of all donkeys… i also respect that he was known as a racist man

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