Dude Sets His 3 Year Old Niece On Fire

Chicago  Raymundo Herrera of the 1200 block of Grove Street in Aurora was charged Wednesday with two counts of attempted murder and one count each of heinous battery, aggravated domestic battery and aggravated battery, for allegedly spraying his 3-year-old niece with lighter fluid and setting her on fire, according to a release from the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office.  Herrera was apparently upset that the child interrupted him when he was listening to music, the release said. The girl suffered third-degree burns over 18 percent of her body and remains at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.


I may have called the asshole of the day fight a little early today, I hadn’t yet come across this story.  I mean this little bitch has the audacity to fuck with Raymundo while he’s chillin with some T-Pain, and then she’s surprised he lights her up?  She was playing with fire the minute she set foot in that room.  Now I know what you’re all thinking, “Hey Creator, how do you know he was listening to T-Pain?”  Well you caught me, I really don’t know what he was listening to, and does that really matter?  What matters here is that this kid is being sent down the rabbit hole for a perfectly reasonable reaction considering the circumstances.  The niece is to blame here for the simple fact that when a guy keeps lighter fluid in his room you do not fucking enter!  Even at three you need to know that.  Just like I’ll never be friends with anyone that owns a sword.  If I were, and I got my arm cut off, well that would be my fault, since I should have seen it coming…same applies in this case.


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