Deadspin and Barstoolsports Battling!


Deadspin Let’s check in with el presidente at Barstool Sports, who is either 12 years old, or joking, or a complete fuckhead. OR all three!  I have an idea. Why don’t you go fuck yourself with a corkscrew instead? Because no one else gives a flying fuck about your bad day. Haven’t won anything since the Celtics two years ago? Eat a cock and die.

This outburst was in response to el presidente’s blog about the bad sunday Boston sports fans had to endure yesterday with the Red Sox being eliminated and the Pats losing in Denver.  All I know is that if these two get embroiled in some crazy back and forth bitch fest then it’s going to open the door for The Loon to burst onto the scene with the big boys.  So I say let these two pansies have their little squable…I’m gonna keep doin what I do and climbing the blog world ladder…everyday my readership grows…The Loon is rising motherfuckers!


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