Asshole(s) of the Day: Owls


Indiana  Talk about one tough owl. Police in southern Indiana said a great horned owl flew through the pre-dawn darkness into the front of a moving Ford F-250 pickup truck—and survived even as the collision mangled the truck’s radiator.   The bird was left trapped inside the grill of the truck driven by James Ellis of Shoals. A Dubois County sheriff’s deputy called a state Department of Natural Resources officer to the scene Thursday on U.S. 231 near Haysville to remove the owl


This fucking bird should be shot.  God damn thing wrecked a perfectly good truck.  I don’t want to hear about how tough it is, it’s a dickhead.  If I jumped infront of a car and demolished the radiator and lived I’d be called a fucking idiot.  So why does this stupid dumb looking animal get a pass??  This coddling of wildlife has gotten out of control.  People getting all doe-eyed over what dumb animals do, like it’s some amazing occurance when a bear takes a shit in a river…idiots snapping pictures thinking they are a part of nature…FUCK THAT!  Damn animals need to be taken down a notch and if I have to fire the first salvo I will…so fuck this Owl and all Owls everywhere…assholes of the day


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