Time For Anaheim!!

APTOPIX ALDS Yankees Twins Baseball

This post season is starting to take shape.  Our starters have been amazing and hitting has been clutch.  The Twins are by no means a great team but they were scrappy and played hard.  Now the true test…Anaheim has had our number for what seems like a decade.  This year however we have a red hot Arod and two starting pitchers that can shut down any lineup.  So let’s show LA that they aren’t in our heads and get one step closer to our 27th World Series Title!!  Since we won on the road I’m not gonna use Frank for the celebration video…instead I wanna give a little tribute to our team’s muse…you know who I’m talking about!  To Kate!!!

the hypnotize move she pulls on the kid is exactly what she’s done to Arod…Arod, you are home!


One Response to “Time For Anaheim!!”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    like the song choice… the angels scare the shit out of me.. the team is wayyy scrapier than the twins and they batted .300 as a team and are pretty solid defesnsively.. but this is the yanks year.. well put cocky tory hunter in his place

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