When Soulja Boy Sees Cops He Runs! Even If He Hasn’t Done Anything…


TMZ  Rap star Soulja Boy was arrested in Georgia Wednesday night after authorities say he ran from a police officer.  According to a police spokesperson, an officer got a call about juveniles hanging out at an abandoned house in the Henry County area.  The officer says when he walked inside, he saw roughly 40 people in the yard — and when they saw the cop, half of the people immediately booked it out of the home, including Soulja Boy.  The people who stayed in the party claimed they were at the house for a “music video shoot.”  The cop says Soulja eventually returned to the home to retrieve his Range Rover — and that’s when he was arrested for obstruction of justice … a misdemeanor.


Instinct is a bitch huh?  Soulja Boy probably got about a half mile before he realized he didn’t have any reason to book it from the police.  Don’t get me wrong I understand the urge to run when you see those flashing lights, whenever I get pulled over I get nervous even if I know I haven’t done anything.  Something about cops that always makes you think you’ve done something wrong.  I’ve hopped hedges and shit to get away from cops when they busted up parties in high school, it’s fun, nice adrenaline rush, but ever since I turned 21 and I’m out boozing and cops show up I know to stay.  Maybe he just saw a bunch of other people trucking it out of there and followed, maybe Soulja was just following the Dave Attell rules…


One Response to “When Soulja Boy Sees Cops He Runs! Even If He Hasn’t Done Anything…”

  1. Corve DaCosta Says:

    Soulja Boy maybe was nervous. lol

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