Wayne Rooney Is A Scared Little Bitch


London Times   The etiquette of planet football dictates that Cristiano Ronaldo will receive good-luck text messages from team-mates past and present in the build-up to Portugal’s day of reckoning in their World Cup qualifying campaign, against Hungary tomorrow. But, where Wayne Rooney is concerned, the World Player of the Year should not hold his breath.  Asked a simple question, whether he wants Portugal and Argentina to qualify so that Ronaldo and Lionel Messi can illuminate next summer’s festival in South Africa with their talents, Rooney gives a refreshingly simple answer. “It’s great that Argentina are struggling,” he says. “It would be nice to see Portugal not there because in the last two tournaments they’ve knocked us out.”


What a fucking girl.  Seriously, who wants to win without having to beat the best in the world?  Soccer gets a bad rap for shit just like this.  How could you not want to beat the team that’s knocked you out twice in a row??  You’d think Rooney would have a little bit of pride, but apparently not.  Just goes to show this game is full of whiney little infants who fake injuries and hope for easy opponants.  Could you imagine if Kevin Youkilis was caught saying he’s happy that he didn’t have to play the Yankees cuz he was scared he couldn’t beat them?  Red Sox fans everywhere would be calling him a pussy.  What happened when Pedro said the Yankees were “his daddy”?  I guess this kind of thing is expected in the soccer world, no wonder hardly anyone in America cares.

Well atleast now I have two teams to pull for, The U.S. and whoever plays England


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