Meet The Guy Who Got A DUI At A Jack In The Box Drivethru…On A Tractor


Fox Carolina  Greenville County deputies arrested a man early Friday morning after they said he ordered food from a restaurant’s drive-through while riding a lawn mower. Deputies said that the manager of the Jack In The Box restaurant on Pelham Road called authorities after a man driving a lawn mower came to the restaurant.  Investigators said that when they arrived, the man had driven away through a parking lot. They found him near a hotel on nearby Milestone Way. Deputies said that Michael Ackerman was charged with driving under the influence. 


What can I say?  Jack in the Box is fucking delicious.  Who wouldn’t hop on their John Deere to go get some delicious Jumbo Jacks after a day/night of heavy boozing?  How was Michael supposed to know that was against the law?  And who does this manager think he is turning away business like that??  You know drunk people will spend a shit load on fast food!  He robbed Jack in the Box of atleast 15 bucks and should be fired!  That’s as good as taking money right out of the register.  Hell it will probably end up costing the company a lot more because I doubt Michael will ever go back there again after this outrage.  Way to scare off repeat business.


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