Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Operating Illegally…No Shit?


LA Times  Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley said today that all the medical marijuana dispensaries in the county are operating illegally, and that “they are going to be prosecuted.”  There are hundreds of dispensaries throughout the county, including as many as 800 in the city of Los Angeles, according to the city attorney’s office. They operate under a 1996 voter initiative that allowed marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes, and a subsequent state law that provided for collective cultivation.  Based on a state Supreme Court decision last year, Cooley and City Attorney Carmen Trutanich have concluded that over-the-counter sales are illegal. Most if not all of the dispensaries in the state operate on that basis.


Medical Marijuana dispensaries are such a joke.  Of course they are selling over the counter to anybody who comes in.  The fact that these prosecutors seem shocked by this is hilarious.  These guys are fighting a losing battle.  When someone can go into pretty much any doctor in the Los Angeles area and complain of neck pain and leave with a medical marijuana card then you know the battle is over.  Just let people smoke their god damn weed.  Honestly who cares?  But if Cooley gets his way then you’ll have a bunch of pissed off pot heads in LA, and you know how dangerous they can be…well…maybe not


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