Kid Beats The Shit Out Of Family After Mom Takes His Cell Phone


DenverPost  FALMOUTH, Mass.—Authorities said an angry Falmouth teen kicked his mother in the throat, head-butted his brother and punched and bit his father after his mom took away his cell phone to punish him. The Cape Cod Times reported that Brandon Turner pleaded not guilty in Falmouth District Court on Thursday to charges that include assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.  Police said his mother took away his cell phone after he hit his 15-year-old brother Tuesday. The next day, an angry Turner attacked members of his family.


Don’t take Brandon’s cell phone…lesson learned.  What did this mother expect?  You don’t seperate an 18 year old from their means of hollering at bitches, you just don’t do it!  If you do then you have to expect a beating, and a beating is what they got.  I’m pretty impressed with the variety of moves Brandon used here, headbutts, throat kicks!  The biting is a little weak but when you are sniping your moms throat with a swift snap kick I feel like you can bend the rules a bit.  I think I have to place most of the blame for this situation on the little brother though.  If he hadn’t set Brandon off his mother wouldn’t be recovering from a crushed windpipe and his dad wouldn’t be nursing bite wounds.  Little brothers are walking time bombs.


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