Soccer Mom Gun

NY Daily News  A soccer mom who gained national attention when she openly carried a loaded gun to her 5-year-old daughter’s game was shot dead Wednesday along with her husband in what appeared to be a murder-suicide, police said.


Listen, I’m all for the 2nd amendment.  I think people should be able to own fucking bazookas if they want to, but I can’t resist a good case of irony.  This woman obviously did nothing wrong bringing her gun anywhere she wanted assuming she had filled out the appropriate paperwork.  Why she needed it at her daughter’s soccer match is for her to know, maybe she had a tip that’s where al qaeda would strike next.  But is anyone surprised she ended up being shot to death?  I think the minute you start collecting and sporting your hand cannons all over town that you’re stacking the odds for your death heavily on the side of a bullet.  You know her husband got pissed and started looking for something to hit her with, turned around, and came face to face with an arsenal, all those guns she had aquired for protection…yeah that didn’t work out as planned.


One Response to “Irony!”

  1. bill gates Says:

    damn that is fucked up…that chick looks like a linebacker

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