French Culture Minister Bangs Boys In Thailand


BBC  A French politician has refused to resign over comments that he enjoyed paying for “young boys” in Thailand.  Frederic Mitterrand, 62, the culture minister, denied that passages of his book, The Bad Life, described sexual encounters with underage boys.  Interviewed on French TV, he condemned sex tourism and paedophilia, saying he had only paid for sex with men his age.


Ok sure Freddy, I’d believe you only paid for sex with men your own age if you were on vacation in New York City, or San Francisco, but this is Thailand we’re talking about.  That’s the child sex slave captital of the world.  I don’t even think they have adult prostitutes there.  Then you go and defend Roman Polanski and you want us to think you weren’t fucking little boys?  C’mon Freddy we’re not stupid, you pedophiles are all the same.  You go on your vacations to destinations unknown where there are loose morals.  You fuck anything and everything, then come home and deny deny deny.  Except you’re French, so most people already think you’re a perverted freak, so those denials do nothing.  Yet, since you are French you’ll probably keep your job and be able to keep making your trips to southeast asia to “take in” the local culture, that being your job after all, Monsieur Minister.


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