Don’t Fuck With Joe Francis


The Superficial  has obtained a copy of the surveillance footage from the night Joe Francis allegedly attacked Jayde Nicole, and it looks way worse than he tried to play it off.  If you watch the video, Jayde pours a shot on Joe’s shoulder from behind and walks away. She even has time to sit down at the bar before he decides to lunge at her, so it wasn’t like she was flipping out him and he needed to defend himself. Of course, Joe admitted to pulling Jayde’s hair, but he neglected the tiny detail where he also dragged her by said hair five feet into the crowd then threw her to the ground to get trampled. But then again, I’m sure he believes he was well within his rights according to the Small Cock article of the Tough Guy code.


Oh har har har, small cock article of the tough guy code???  What a zinger!  Ugh, ok I’ll post the video now…have a look have a lookers…

Ok, umm, so the video clearly shows this bitch going out of her way to pour a shot on Francis then cowering behind a bunch of people trying to not be seen.  Well fuck that shit, if you want to start shit stand by the shit you start.  Wow ok that may be a new record for me saying shit in one sentence.  Anyway, I can’t blame Francis here, he is a fellow smut peddler like myself although admittedly he’s in the big time and I’m just starting out.  Regardless, we need to stick together.  Obviously he lost it because he knew this chick thought she could do whatever she wanted and get away with it.  Not on Joe’s watch!  He gave her a little grab and a drag and 5 seconds later she was back at the bar blowing it all out of proportion.  I also want to give props to Brody Jenner, her boyfriend.  He knew his girl was in the wrong that’s why he just stands there and does nothing while she gets dragged around by her extensions, you know what you call that?  Respect.  Brody has obviously beaten off to many a girls gone wild video and knew he was in the presence of greatness.  If Joe ends up doing even a day in jail for this you’ll see me front and center with my picket sign, “Free Joe Francis!  Free Joe Francis!”

P.S. cut the fucking drama The Superficial…throwing her to the ground to get trampled??  It’s a bunch of people standing around a bar, not the fucking running of the bulls…jesus


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