CVS Stops Selling Obama Chia Pet…Why Is There Such A Thing??


Chicago Tribune  CVS/Pharmacy said this week that it won’t be selling the popular Chia pets depicting President Barack Obama anymore, becoming the second major franchise to drop the product.  Joe Pedott, the owner of the Chia franchise, said he’s baffled by the drugstore chain’s decision.


Really Joe?  You’re baffled?  I’m baffled at how fucking dumb this product is.  This is racist right?  Isn’t it?  I think it is…I don’t know and don’t really care.  I just want to find someone who actually bought this and ridicule them mercilessly.  You have to be a fucking retard to spend money on something like this.  How is the chia pet still around anyway?  I thought this was like a 1992 fad…thing is holding on like grim death.  I’m calling it early today…Joe Pedott…asshole of the day.


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