Barstoolsports Reads The Loon And Steals My Blogs!


Ok so at 12:43 eastern time today I published a blog about Levi Johnston posing for playgirl.  I head out for a little bit to take care of some shit and when I come back and check my usual web sources what do I find??  That 17 minutes after I published my blog the guys on put this up on their site…


now while they decided to be a lot more long winded in their analysis a few key similarities jumped out at me.

this is from my blog, “This is “cashing in on your 15 minutes 101″  dude is going for broke”

now from barstool, “They have absolutely no discernible reason for being publicly known or making any sort of money, but they ride the SHIT out of their 15 Minutes of Fame”

another example from my blog “What’s next for this guy?  I’m 100% percent sure he’s got a reality show in the works.

and what did barstool write?  “all the sudden he’s showing his dick for money and I bet you in 6 months he’ll have a reality TV show.”

then to cap it all off! the blog I posted after the Levi blog ended this way…”bravo Sioux City pranksters, bravo”

and how does barstool end their levi blog??  “Bravo, Levi Johnston.  Bravo

I rest my fucking case!  Long Live The Creator!!!!


One Response to “Barstoolsports Reads The Loon And Steals My Blogs!”

  1. black hattitude Says:


    thanks for the great quality of your blog, every time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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