Watched “The Hills” For The First Time Last Night…


Ok my friends talk about this show all the time, so last night I was flipping around and it was on so I decided to check it out.  I don’t get it…I really don’t.  It’s not like I’m too old, I’m only 26, but this show literally went over my head.  What do these people do??  Like for a job.  It’s this show right?  They get paid to hang out in restaurants and go to grand openings of clubs and shit?  I mean, I can’t hate on that too much since if someone offered that gig to me I’d take it in a heartbeat but couldn’t they have found better people??  From what I gather this is supposed to be “real” but it’s obviously staged.  The blond chick is like Brenda from 90210, she’s the bitch.  The kind of gold haired chick Audrina is the victim?  I dunno, I guess since all the girls are pretty hot the show has some value but I can’t see myself sitting through it again.  That dude Spencer is pretty funny, I’d be pissed too if my wife volunteered me for babysitting.  But the bottomline is this show just pissed me off from beginning to end, I couldn’t wrap my head around why these people got their own show.  Oh well, I’ll only have to hear people talking about this for probably 10 more seasons.


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