More Big News From NASA…Saturn Has Rings!! NOOO!?


CNN  Scientists at NASA have discovered a nearly invisible ring around Saturn — one so large that it would take 1 billion Earths to fill it.  The ring is made up of ice and dust particles that are so far apart that “if you were to stand in the ring, you wouldn’t even know it”


Fucking NASA…really?  This is big news?  Saturn has another ring?  God damn it!  These people piss me off so fucking much.  For those of you who weren’t reading The Loon in it’s first week, I pretty much described how I feel about NASA.  Then they have to go out and announce this stupid fucking discovery of an invisible ring that you can’t even see when you’re inside it.  Why do I even bother?  Next week they’ll probably announce that they’ve discovered Jupiter is big.  These people whine that they don’t get any funding but the money they do get they use to find invisible dust rings.  Ugh…what a depressing time to be alive.  Can’t wait to see how the Stephen Colbert treadmill works out on the space station!  Inspiring…


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