Kid Steals Juice Box…Dad Freaks Out

ajuice  A Burlingame man was convicted today of felony child abuse for making his 13-year-old mentally disabled son drink numerous juice boxes as punishment for stealing his teacher’s drink.  The boy was sent home from school Feb. 13, 2008, for stealing his teacher’s juice box. McGlown made him drink numerous juice boxes until he vomited, authorities said. He then took a belt and struck the boy on his back and buttocks, leaving numerous bruises, prosecutors said.


What do advocates for the mentally disabled always say?  That they should be treated just like everybody else?  Well here ya go!  This little shit stole his teacher’s delicious juice box and thought he could get away with it because he was mentally disabled.  Well that shit doesn’t fly in Burlingame!  It doesn’t matter if you laugh when you fart in the bathtub or are working on cold fusion, you steal a juice box you get beat.  If you want to get treated like everyone else you can’t play the disability card when you get exactly what you ask for.  Can’t have it both ways.


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