If Obama Fails…Blame SNL


CNN  Since its debut on October 11, 1975, “Saturday Night Live” has spoofed, ridiculed and hammered presidents and other political figures without regard to political affiliation or any other sensitivities.  Saturday’s skit portraying President Obama as a man who made a lot of promises and hasn’t been able to fulfill many — if any — has been analyzed over and over with a constant rerun of the “SNL” clip.  In the comedy skit, the president is asked about unrealized campaign promises, including closing Gitmo, combating global warming, allowing openly gay people to serve in the military, withdrawing from Iraq, improving the status of the fight in Afghanistan, reforming health care and several others. On screen the response on a check list was: that each item was “not done.”  Humor with some truth in it is always dangerous. Make no mistake, a drumbeat of belittlement can damage a president.


Yeah it’s a vast Lorne Michaels conspiracy!!  Are you fucking kidding me?  Are the excuses already starting??  Good god if liberals are really going to start to use SNL parodies as the reason why Obama’s approval is slipping then they can pretty much start moving out of the White House right now.  Here’s a thought, Obama should actually do some of the things he promised!  I mean his whole campaign was designed around “change” but I never bought it like a bunch of people did.  Democrats usually only get elected if they show up on the heels of an unpopular Republican.  Well you couldn’t get more unpopular than Bush so the Dems could have run anyone out last November and taken the job.  Another thing Democrats do very well too, is nothing.  Clinton gets a lot of credit for the economic boom and balancing the budget during the 90’s, well the boom wasn’t entirely his doing, and balancing the budget was pretty much the only thing he accomplished during his 8 years.  Obama is falling into the same trap, he got elected by promising the moon, but never realized that in order to get shit done you can’t be friends with everybody.  Obama is trying this open hand approach and is surprised when people just keep taking things from him.  “Hey Iran, we want to change our policy towards you!” And then Iran goes out and enriches uranium and test fires long range missiles and works out a deal to store their weapons grade uranium in Russia.  Ok, that didn’t work.  “Hey I want to work with the republicans in my administration!”  Then the right, with a minority in the house and senate, are able to block any healthcare reform Obama tries to get through.  It’s uncanny, since the democrats control the fucking country, that Obama can’t get anything done.

The SNL skit was right on, and a lot of the left’s biggest supporters are starting to get antsy.  You know you’re in trouble when even Bill Maher is starting to get sick of you…


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