Turn Your Head And Cough…Now Bend Over!


AZcentral.com  Twin brother pediatricians are going on trial on charges that for years they used their practices in a middle-class Ohio community to recruit boys for sex, illegally sold them prescription drugs and bribed them not to tell authorities.  Jury selection began Monday in the trial of 53-year-old Mark Blankenburg in a state court in Butler County, about 30 miles north of Cincinnati. Blankenburg’s twin, Dr. Scott Blankenburg, faces a separate trial in April.  Details are few on the number of victims, their ages or where the alleged crimes occurred. The charges include multiple counts of corruption of a minor with at least two youths who were ages 13 to 15 at the time.


Wow…the lengths pedophiles will go to huh?  I mean you don’t just become a pediatrician by answering a craigslist ad.  I feel like there is school involved and it takes time.  These guys really wanted to touch kids.  While I give them an “A” for effort you gotta give them an “F” for execution.  These guys fell into the same trap that dismantles most drug dealers.  They got their business mixed in with their pleasure.  It was all dandy for these guys just to go about their shady pedo ways but then they had to start getting the kids hooked on drugs.  That brings about repeat business and attention you don’t need if you’re operating a sicko funhouse out of your examination rooms.  I’m no expert but if getting off to touching kids is anything like normal non sick fuck sex then you don’t want to see the people you do it with ever again.  You think I return to the scene of my one night stands??? Hell no…but these brothers decided to bring drugs into the mix so you know these kids were coming back for seconds…listen it’s simple, don’t touch kids, but if you absolutly have to then send them out crying and thinking they did something wrong…that way they don’t tell their parents and they don’t ever want to come back…but you send them out wanting more? Well then you find yourself in an orange jumpsuit sitting in a courtroom.


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