Thanks For The Layup Lindsay


The Superficial  After Lindsay’s fashion world debut bombed this weekend in Paris, it’s only fair that Michael Lohan uses the opportunity to shove his face in the press. Because that’s what daddies do. RadarOnline reports:

“I’m going to get her off the prescription drugs that she’s on,” Lohan told us in a candid interview. “I hate it when people talk about illegal drug abuse… because it’s not just drinking and illegal drugs that kill you. Prescription drugs can destroy and kill a person and are sometimes harder to stop. Look at Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson.”
Lohan asked us not to reveal what specific medications he believes his daughter is abusing, but says they’ve taken over her life.
“You know why Lindsay’s not acting in feature films right now? Because she can’t,” he said. “Because the girl with all the talent is hidden and buried deep inside this fungus that’s grown because of the prescription drugs. She can’t be herself. When you hug her she’s like, vacant inside. When she kisses or holds me I get chills, and not in a good way-in a bad way.”


Well yesterday I blogged about how Lindsay Lohan has slipped way down on the hotness meter and I theorized that it was because hollywood substance abuse was on an entirely different level than what us regular people are used to.  Well, I was right and I was wrong.  Turns out Lindsay is taking the same stuff the rest of us take, she just can’t resist taking a shitload more than we do.  Also it doesn’t help when her father talks about a fungus growing on her either, pretty gross.  And why exactly does Michael Lohan normally get “good-way” chills when his daughter kisses him?  That might be the creepiest thing I’ve heard in a long time.  We all know Lindsay aspires to be like Marilyn Monroe, so maybe she wants to die like her too.  I dunno, I feel like I can call this overdose a mile away.

P.S. Is anyone bummed that Lindsay isn’t making movies anymore?  No? Yeah me neither




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