Conan O’Brien vs. New Jersey


Ok when the hell did this start?  I haven’t watched much of Conan since he took over The Tonight Show, but apparently there is some big time feud going on between Conan and Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark NJ.  So basically it started with Conan ripping on New Jersey as comedians like to do, but then Booker fired back and banned Conan from Newark airport, and then all of New Jersey.  Conan responded by banning Booker from Burbank airport and then all of California.  I don’t think Booker can ban people, and I know Conan can’t.

Now the plot thickens because the mayor of Elizabeth NJ is butting his head into this saying that Conan is welcome in his town anytime and is also offering to rename Terminal A of the Newark Airport, “The Conan O’Brien Terminal”.  Benedict Arnold Mayor Chris Bollwage is really a little prick isn’t he?  This doesn’t concern him, he should stay the fuck out of it.  But what is with New Jersey mayors thinking they can do all these things that they obviously can’t?  Banning private citizens, renaming airport terminals, this is getting intense.  I’m actually going to tune in tonight and see if this gets taken up a notch…if this escalates anymore then Cory Booker is going to call in the mob…then we’re really going to have a show.

P.S. Chris Bollwage, the mayor of Elizabeth, is today’s asshole of the day because fuck him for being so insecure he had get involved in this.  If there is a shittier city in Jersey than Newark it’s without a doubt Elizabeth.


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