Lindsay Lohan…Lookin…Good?


Yikes!  She just looks beaten by life doesn’t she?  Like Britney last week another chick that I used to be obsessed with has just disintegrated before my eyes.  It’s weird, I know a ton of girls who love to drink like sailors and drug it up like champs and don’t go downhill as quickly as ol’ LL here.  Hollywood people must be on an entirely different level of substance abuse than us regular folk.  I mean if I got millions of dollars for the chore of memorizing lines and spitting out shitty music I may be waking up with rolled up dollar bills in my pockets and crust around my nose too.  I dunno, let’s just hope Hayden Panetierre and Blake Lively don’t follow the same path…for god’s sake I need some of these chicks to maintain their hotness for atleast a decade.


One Response to “Lindsay Lohan…Lookin…Good?”

  1. unapologeticallyalpha Says:

    I know me…

    I still would

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