Is The NFL Protecting Tom Brady? Umm Yeah…

For those of you who don’t watch football this is what I’m talking about…

It really is getting ridiculous the amount of bullshit roughing the passer penalties that are being called this year.  For god’s sake Brady wasn’t even touched!!  The QB’s these days have nothing on the old school warriors of the past. Elway, Marino, Bradshaw, Johnny U, all these guys used to take fucking beatings and still stood in and threw the ball down the field.  The only thing that used to be called was spearing a QB with your helmet.  Now if you barely touch their legs it’s 15 yards.  That Pats game was decided on two bogus roughing calls and it starts to make you wonder if the NFL plays favorites and instructs the refs to protect certain guys.  If Brady gets injured again so fucking what?? It’s part of the game…now let’s see how they used to play the game…


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