Dogs Accuse Man of Murder…Bad Dogs!!


CNN  The story of how a veteran law enforcement officer became a murder suspect is at the heart of a controversy over an investigative forensic tool called dog-scent lineups.  Supporters say dog-scent lineups are a powerful crime-fighting tool helping investigators crack cases across the country.  Buchanek was identified as a murder suspect, not because of crime-scene evidence but because of two bloodhounds, “Jag” and “James Bond.”  In Buchanek’s case, homicide detectives in this county southwest of Houston had Pikett’s bloodhounds sniff crime-scene evidence, such as the rope used to strangle the victim. The dogs matched the scent to Buchanek.  DNA evidence implicated another man, who pleaded guilty to the murder.


Oops!  Well I would hate to be Jag and James Bond today.  You know they have a bunch of rolled up newspapers in their future.  Can you fire dogs??  I know if I had fucked up like this at any of my jobs I would have been out on my ass.  Also what does this say about Buchanek?  Dude must smell like shit.  But maybe it’s time for the dogs to hang it up…what kind of retirement plan do they get?  If it’s anything like stud race horses then Jag and JB will be fucking long into their golden years, producing a shitload more terrible tracking dogs.


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