Ted Williams Is Still Playing Games


NY Daily News   Workers at an Arizona cryonics facility mutilated the frozen head of baseball legend Ted Williams – even using it for a bizarre batting practice, a new tell-all book claims.   Johnson writes that in July 2002, shortly after the Red Sox slugger died at age 83, technicians with no medical certification gleefully photographed and used crude equipment to decapitate the majors’ last .400 hitter.  Williams’ severed head was then frozen, and even used for batting practice by a technician trying to dislodge it from a tuna fish can.


Umm…what else would you do if you worked at a cryogenics lab?  You’re basically baby-sitting dumb dead people all day.  If someone is stupid enough to pay a shit load of money to have themselves frozen they deserve to have their remains fucked with.  I can’t blame these workers one bit, I mean batting practice using the last .400 hitter’s head is a no brainer.  Surprised they didn’t set up trash cans and bowl old Teddy Ballgame all day.  There’s a lesson here, die fucking gracefully, don’t turn yourself into a clown in death, and especially don’t turn yourself into a popsicle.  Cuz you’ll have tuna fish cans batted at your face.


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