The Superficial  Lady GaGa and Kanye West’s “Fame Kills” tour was canceled yesterday with word coming out that it was GaGa who pulled out. [Insert hermaphrodite joke here.] Of course, none of that really matters because 50 Cent said it’s “the gay tour.”

Gay tour indeed…a chick with a dick and Kanye West.  No amount of alchohol or drugs could get me to go to that freakfest.  Honestly how do you even begin to mix the fans of those two??  How would that work??  Next we’re going to see Miley Cyrus and The Game teaming up. 

Well seems like the fallout from Kanye’s VMA performance is still rolling along.  Is anyone surprised nobody wants to work with this douchbag??  If Lady Gaga wants nothing to do with you you know you did something wrong.  That just goes to show you don’t fuck with little blonde white country princesses…this is America Kanye…they have all the power.


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