I Pity The Fool Who Isn’t Pumped About This…

Liam Neeson, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Bradley Cooper

WWTDD   The big screen version of ‘the A-Team’ is filming this week in British Columbia, Canada, with Liam Neeson as ‘Hannibal’, Bradley Cooper as ‘Faceman’, Sharlto Copely from ‘District 9’ as ‘Murdoch’, and Quinton Rampage Jackson – who is basically the most likable person on earth – as ‘BA Baracus’. Jessica Biel is still cast but not on set yet.


Ok now this is fucking news…B.A. Baracus is fucking back! And he’s being played by Rampage Jackson no less.  I am extremely pumped about this…the movie is set to open sometime in the first half of next year…so get your tickets now people cuz they’ll be going fast…now play that shit!…


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