When Zombies Attack…Blame Detroit


CNN  Inside the Wayne County morgue in midtown Detroit, 67 bodies are piled up, unclaimed, in the freezing temperatures. Neither the families nor the county can afford to bury the corpses. So they stack up inside the freezer.  Albert Samuels, chief investigator for the morgue, said he has never seen anything like it during his 13 years on the job. “Some people don’t come forward even though they know the people are here,” said the former Detroit cop. “They don’t have the money.”


Detroit is too broke to pay people to dig holes.  Wow!  So now we are pushing 100 unclaimed bodies just slowly rotting in some freezer.  Yeah I’m pretty sure this is how zombie outbreaks happen.  Somehow someway these bodies are going to come back to life and start to murder everyone.  Detroit needs to get its shit together because the city has enough negative stigma as it is, they don’t need to be responsible for the end of mankind.  But you know who the real winner in this whole situation is?  It’s Cleveland.  There is now no doubt that the shittiest city in the country is Detroit.  So feel good today Clevelanders, because not even you can top the sheer ineptitude of Detroit…now without further ado PLAY THAT VIDEO!!


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