Take That Geese!


NY Daily News   Hero pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger climbed back in his beloved pilot’s chair Thursday morning, flying his first planeload of passengers since January’s miraculous Hudson splashdown.  “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Sullenberger,” he said, and then had to wait for a huge wave of excited applause to die down

Yeah right, he had to wait for excited “applause” to die down.  That’s just code for women ripping off their clothes and bum rushing the cock pit to get in line to blow him.  Hell I may have even popped a chubby if I were on the plane.  This guy is the definition of “the man” he’s the reason why people become pilots.  Little kids growing up with dreams of flying have posters of Captain Sully on their wall, I was the sucker with Dan Marino, if only I’d known.  Well congrats for getting back behind the stick Sully, Canadian Geese everywhere are scared shitless.  Oh and of course Sully got everyone to their destination like a fucking pro.


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