Stupid Communist Empire State Building


Gothamist  Last night, the Empire State Building was lit up in red and yellow in honor of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. However, some didn’t feel very warmly about the event—protesters (numbering around 20) were outside the afternoon lighting ceremony, saying it was “outright, blatant approval for a communist totalitarian system.”


Call the riot police, shit is going down in Midtown.  20 protesters?  My god I’m in shock.  Pathetic protesting aside WTF is going on here??  Lighting up NY’s tallest building as a tribute to China’s bloody commie revolution seems a little…oh I dunno…fucked up.  I know China is technically our ally, but that doesn’t mean we have to suck their dicks so blatantly.  We don’t like their system of government, we constantly claim they oppress their own people, so why are we doing this??  It can’t be because we are scared of them is it?? Couldn’t be…what possible reason should we have to be scared of china??  Oh yeah…this…

No other country could make beating on drums seem so evil


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