M.J. Was Healthy…Compared To What?


AP   Michael Jackson’s arms were covered with punctures, his face and neck were scarred and he had tattooed eyebrows and lips, but he wasn’t the sickly skeleton of a man portrayed by tabloids, according to his autopsy report obtained by The Associated Press.   In fact, the Los Angeles County coroner‘s report shows Jackson was a fairly healthy 50-year-old before he died of an overdose. His 136 pounds were in the acceptable range for a 5-foot-9 man. His heart was strong with no sign of plaque buildup. And his kidneys and most other major organs were normal.


Yeah o.k. Mr. L.A. County Coroner, he was healthy.  Puncture wounds, 136 pounds, tattoos for eyebrows, this guy was a specimin, a picture of health.  I don’t care if his heart didn’t have any plaque buildup, he couldn’t go out in the fucking sun!  This dude lived like a vampire and you call that healthy??  It really has been the time for bogus coroner’s reports hasn’t it?  First DJ AM , now this.  Listen, I know his family wants to paint him in the best possible light now that he’s dead but don’t piss in my face and tell me it’s raining, this is bogus and everyone can see it.


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