Who’s Gonna Save Us Now?


TMZ  just obtained the temporary restraining order filed against former “Terminator” star Eddie Furlong by his estranged wife — claiming the actor threatened to hire people to beat her with “chains and bats.”  In the documents, Rachael Kneeland — who filed for divorce from Eddie in July — claims Eddie “grabbed me, bruised me, pushed me, made threats of more violence, left messages saying he would hire people to come and beat me with chains and bats.”  Kneeland also claims Furlong “is smoking cocaine and doing other various drugs. He is very unpredictable.”


But he’s sooo nice to animals!  So Edward Furlong, child star of Terminator 2: Judgement Day and long time PETA crazy person has finally gone over the edge.  Smoking cocaine??? Why?? Smoke crack, cocaine is for the nose.  Then you hire people to come beat your wife with chains and bats?  You’d think after all that cocaine you’ve smoked you’d have the energy to do it yourself.  Seems like PETA can really pick it’s spokespeople huh?  Pam Anderson and this fine young man…quality.  However, this isn’t all fun and games with another hollywood burnout because this dude is John Fucking Connor, he was supposed to save us from evil time traveling robots, but no, he decided to start smoking coke instead.  So now when the robot apocalypse comes we’re all fucked…thanks dick!


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