My Dick Is Confused


Ok, the “little_creator” isn’t the smartest guy around.  He doesn’t always think things through or look before he leaps.  He is a gut reaction type of guy.  So when he sees a picture of hard nipples poking through a shirt he gets excited, he can’t help it, it’s his nature.  However, sometimes this gets him in trouble…like with the above picture.  At first glance this is just another “it’s cold outside” classic picture of tits, but upon further review it’s something…else.  My little guy got himself in trouble and now doesn’t know what to think, how can he not immedietly react to a picture of breasts?  He doesn’t want to wait, but maybe the more prudent thing to do is take a minute to check the entire scene before proceding, since sometimes those breasts are attached to Courtney Love.


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