C’mon L.A. Clean It Up


L.A. Times  Like commercial buildings and apartments, new homes will have to be covered to a height of 9 feet with material that resists spray paint unless owners agree to remove tagging in seven days.  Opening a new front in the city’s efforts to reduce tagging, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance requiring that all new homes include a finish that is resistant to spray paint unless the owners promise to remove any graffiti themselves.

Jesus Christ as if I needed another reason to never live in Los Angeles.  It’s gotten this bad in L.A. where even people’s houses are getting hit by these little 15 year old douchbags??  Honestly how crappy can a city get??  It’s like they aren’t even trying anymore.  Passing ordinances is the fucking death rattle of people who have given up all hope, pass the buck to the builders to solve your problems since the city council can’t do shit.  Los Angeles really is heading down the tubes, sooner or later it really is going to look like this…


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