Cheap Wine!! The Recession Isn’t All Bad


MSNBC   The law of supply and demand has reached the world’s vineyards, tipping wine prices in consumers’ favor.  Pali Wine Co., a small California Pinot Noir producer which started out selling wines for $40, $50 and $60 a bottle in 2005, found itself with cases left from its 2006 crush even as it was bottling its 2007 production.  Most of its Pinot Noirs will now be sold for $19 a bottle.

Holy shit! Did I read that right??  19 dollars for a bottle of The Pali Wine Companies’ finest??  Well I’m packing up the old jeep and taking a road trip out to Cali to stock up.  This just proves that fear over the recession is bullshit, there are deals to be had!  If I had to chose between a roaring economy and 60 dollar wine or a recession and 19 dollar hooch I’m choosing recession every day of the week, because once I’m drunk I won’t care that I have no money.


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