Audrina Patridge Feels Safe Now…….We’ll See


So star of The Hills and the only person I’ve ever seen with two lazy eyes Audrina Patridge has succesfully won the case against her stalker, getting a 3 year restraining order.  Ok, I’ve never understood restraining orders.  It’s a piece of paper right?  Not some magical force field preventing crazy people from getting to you.  So how exactly do these things help anyone?  If you’re a stalker you have two motivations as far as I can see, to either rape or murder the person you’re obsessed with.  Now that Audrina has this document what is she gonna do if this guy breaks into her house?  Show it to him??  I don’t get it, this dude is going to get to her if he wants to, restraining order or not.  I think her time would have been better spent learning how to fire a gun, because once old stalker boy creeps in at 3 a.m. with his Madonna mask, vasoline, and pink duct tape the only person that restraining order is going to be useful to is her stalker…as a gag.


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