So This Guy Is A Loser


CNN   The national policy that set a minimum legal drinking age of 21 is being questioned by a group of 135 college and university presidents through an effort called the Amethyst Initiative.   In a September 16 commentary on, Amethyst Initiative leader John McCardell, a former president of Middlebury College, proposes lowering the drinking age, which he suggests will lead to less drinking and related problems among college students.  History and a comprehensive review of the research tell a much different story. The evidence is clear, consistent and compelling: A drinking age of 21 has led to less drinking, fewer injuries and fewer deaths.

The guy pictured above is not John “The Man” McCardell, he is in fact Toben “Douchbag” Nelson who thinks lowering the drinking age will result in more deaths.  Boo fucking hoo.  Lowering the drinking age will result in more deaths a year??  How many??  Oh 900 more a year??  Out of a nation of over 300 million we are holding up this change in the drinking age because of 900 deaths?  Excuse me but this is America, you have to wow us with a number if you want to make your point, 900 is not very impressive.  Lets weigh that 900 against the tens of thousands of high school kids that will have a better experience being able to legally drink at 18.  Nerds will be banging chicks, that has to be good for national moral.  Also lets call a spade a spade here…those 900 kids who would die each year would probably end up killing themselves anyway when they turned 21, so basically we’re allowing nature to get to work a little quicker.  So lower the drinking age, because since age of consent is 18 we might as well let them drink as well, speaking for myself I need my full bag of tricks when trying to impress the hell out of a high school senior, booze is definitely my go to…and don’t fucking judge me, you know you agree.


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