Guns And Booze Do Mix In Arizona


Arizona Republic   Starting Wednesday, those carrying concealed weapons are allowed to enter Arizona’s roughly 5,300 establishments licensed to sell alcohol, as long as they don’t drink. If those bar and restaurant owners don’t want guns on the property, they must post a sign indicating that they are not allowed.

Kinda like the old 18 to party 21 to drink rule.  Cuz no 18 year old ever violated that policy.  So I’m sure nobody carrying a concealed weapon will order a drink.  That said I love this new law, I am a big supporter of turning the west back into the “wild” west.  Duels at high noon, whore houses in every bar, big water troughs for the horses outside, spurs, guys nicknamed “mad dog”, the whole nine.  This law will definitely make getting into a bar fight a much more risky venture.  Some poor drunk challenges a dude to a battle in the parking lot, rips his shirt off, acts all intimidating…then this happens…


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