Comments Comments Comments!!


The Loon is getting plenty of hits each day but we’re getting a disturbing lack of comments for each story.  I’m doing my best to bait opinions out of you people, for christ sake the last story talked about getting an 18 year old drunk so I could bang her…and nothing!  I’ve had a showdown between Michael Jackson and Hitler, shit on child tobacco farmers and still The Loon readers remain silent.  I DEMAND COMMENTS!! So get it together and start some discussions, you can post with complete anonymity for those of you afraid to stand behind your words.  So get your heads out of your asses and lets go!


2 Responses to “Comments Comments Comments!!”

  1. Maxx32 Says:

    The assertion that language displays little or no redundancy is puzzling. ,

  2. Coder82 Says:

    Countries like Japan and South Korea grew their economies while maintaining distinct cultures. ,

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