Hey Guys! Umm….Iran is Launching Shit…


CNN  Days before a key meeting with Western leaders, Iran test-fired two types of long-range missiles Monday in part of what the Islamic republic called routine military exercises, its state-run media reported.   The tests drew condemnation from France, which noted through its Foreign Ministry that the action comes only a week after Iran revealed the existence of a covert uranium enrichment site.

“These tests can only reinforce the worries of countries in the surrounding region and the international community, especially as Iran is, in parallel, developing a nuclear program, with the existence of a clandestine uranium enrichment site having just been revealed,” the ministry said.

You know how I know we’re all fucked??  Iran launches a shitload of long range missiles and the country that stands up and says something is France.  France!  Christ sake what the fuck is going on here?  This is exactly why people got nervous when Obama was elected, they feared shit like this.  You think Iran would have just casually revealed a second uranium enrichment plant and then days later fire off a barrage of missiles if Bush were still in power??  HELL NO!  Bush may have done a lot of fucked up shit as President but one thing he did which was a good thing was scare the living shit out of countries like Iran.  He had these crazy fuckers under his thumb because they knew he had no problem just flat out invading bitches.  Obama is trying the alternate tactic of dialogue and mutual understanding, which is a fucking great plan if you’re settling an argument between two 3rd graders and their power rangers.  Iran literally must have started this shit the second Obama was sworn in.  They have two uranium plants now and every other day are testing missiles.  We know Obama isn’t going to do anything about it.  Which is a stupid move because we all know who will…Israel.  Better we send in a few dozen cruise missiles and bomb these sites than let the Jews do it, because the minute Israel bombs these assholes then they get invaded and we’re all fucked.  C’mon Obama don’t let France and Israel do your job for you, call up your fleet in the Gulf, give the order, and lets light these fuckers up!  Then cover your ass by blaming Bush for letting it get to this point, whatever keeps your granola eating supporters happy.


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