Give It A Rest TMZ


TMZ  So while scrolling around the net today looking for content to bring to The Loon I decided to check out so see what the big topics in the world of celebrity poaching were today.  You know what I discovered??  Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom got married this weekend!!!  HOLY SHIT REALLY!!!! Honestly, nobody cares, but had this event covered like it was the fucking moon landing.  On their home page almost 50% of the 13 stories were about this.  Here are some of the headlines…”Khloe & Lamar Piggyback Ride Off Into the Sunset”  “Khloe’s Wedding — Francis In, Brody Out”  and my personal favorite “Seacrest Ready to Kash in on Khlomar

I posted links with those headlines because TMZ isn’t going anywhere and I have no problem sending a few dozen more hits their way, but honestly I don’t understand the fascination.  It really must have been a slow weekend in hollywood because I couldn’t think of a less interesting story to cover nonstop.  The really funny thing is they cover it from every angle then write little glib comments disparaging the stories.  Trying to play it both ways TMZ?? Take a stand!  Either make fun of it with one story or fawn over it with wall to wall coverage, that kind of fence sitting wouldn’t fly here at The Loon!


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