Michael Jackson vs. Hitler: Who Ya Got??


So now that this freakshow is finally dead stories of his crazy are starting to spill out a little each day.  Today while doing my diligent research to bring the best to The Loon I stumbled upon this little yarn.  Apparently Michael Jackson, Mr. I am a child and I hate scary things, thinks he could have gone toe to toe with this guy…


Umm…sure MJ.  Jackson thinks that if given the chance he could have convinced Hitler to change his ways and not commit the many atrocities his regime is responsible for.  Am I the only one who thinks it would have played out in exactly the opposite way?  Hitler would have taken one look at this freak from the future and he would have shit his pants right on the spot.  Then after cleaning himself up he would have ordered his generals to go out into the towns and villages and murder EVERYONE!  The only thing MJ would have accomplished is scaring Hitler into doing worse things. I mean can anyone think of a worse person to send back in time to try and right the wrongs of the past??  Jackson has to be the worst choice right?  I guess the real reason MJ wanted to head back to the 1930’s were the lack of laws regarding touching kids, it was very laid back then……..wait!!! I know the real reason he wanted to meet Hitler!! 


Oh Michael…you sly dog


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