Assholes of The Day: Child Tobacco Farmers


CNN “Hundreds of thousands of children worldwide are thought to be working full-time on tobacco farms, suffering from toxic levels of nicotine exposure and abusive labor conditions.   In Malawi alone there are an estimated 78,000 boys and girls employed in tobacco harvesting. On average they earn 17 cents for a 12-hour day of back-breaking, bare-handed work, according to a recent report from Plan International.  Handling burley tobacco leaves without gloves, in unwashed clothes and rarely bathing, these children can absorb the same amount of nicotine in one day of harvesting that they would from smoking 50 cigarettes.”


So now the whiney do gooders have finally crossed the line.  Going after child tobacco farming in Malawi.  I mean isn’t anything sacred anymore??  But it’s not the reporters I’m mad at here, it’s the kids.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “Hey Creator! They’re just kids and they’re being exploited!”  BULLSHIT!!  You read the story, they are getting paid!  Not only are they making 17 cents a day which by Malawi standards is like a couple million dollars at least, they get all the free nicotine they can handle!  Show me a smoker who wouldn’t sign up for that!  They don’t exist.  If I gathered up 1000 American smokers and told them they could make the equivilant of a million dollars a day harvesting tobacco and they could work with a permanent buzz, all 1000 would be on the next plane.

Now the reason I’m awarding the kids asshole of the day is because you know one whiney little shit couldn’t monitor his buzz and ratted out the operation.  Snitches get stitches where I come from and whoever this rat is he should watch his back.  He’s going to have the rest of the nicotine craving youngsters coming after him with whatever sharp toys are available in that part of the world.  The hardest thing to do is to seperate a smoker from their fix, and now we have a country with an entire work force of strungout 8 year olds with nothing to do.  If I were the leader of this place I would watch my back, this is how coups happen.  So fuck you child tobacco farmers!  Assholes of the day!


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