Hey Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart! Shut The Fuck Up!!

Actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart backstage at the TNT/TBS b

Ok these two fucking nobodies made the worst sex tape in the history of sex tapes.  I watched the whole fucking thing and all it was was the two of them and some other zero taking a bath. Here it is: Bathing “Sex” Tape  

They didn’t bang so it will no longer be referred to as a sex tape.  Eric and Rebecca’s bathing tape made a splash (see what I did there?) on the internet a couple months ago, and now these jackasses are suing over it’s release.  FUCK YOU BOTH!  For those of you who don’t know these retards, Gayheart is some bitch who made like 2 1/2 movies in the 90s and Dane is McDreamy or McSteamy or Mcwhateverthefuck on Grey’s Anatomy.  Yeah I told you they were nobodies.  Apprently these two want 1 million dollars for damages resulting from some website releasing the tape.  They really are following the script to a T aren’t they?  For those of you who are unaware of how this whole thing goes let me break it down for you…

1. Give the tape to the website for them to release it

2. Wait and judge the public reaction to the tape, if people are into it act all shocked and say the tape was stolen.  If nobody cares? well then you file a defamation lawsuit in order to get people talking about it again.

3. The lawsuit magically goes away

Well since this bathing tape was as pathetic as it was these two clowns decide to sue.  We all know this is going nowhere, all it has us doing is mentioning the tape again.  These losers couldn’t look more pathetic, they tried to start a firestorm but failed to realize nobody gives a shit about them.  Sorry Eric and Rebecca you’ll have to do something else to get famous again…too bad you are both talentless.  It’s ok, there are always the SOAPS.


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