Father of the Year: David Hasselhoff


So apparently The Hoff fell off the wagon over the weekend.  His daughter had to call 9-1-1 for some reason?? I don’t really understand that…I’ve been drunk plenty of times and I’ve made calls too.  Mostly to girls I want to bang that night or to diners, never to 9-1-1…I feel like that would be a buzz kill.  In any case The Hoff felt so bad about his daughter finding him drunk that he did what any good father would do as means of an apology, he takes her to the launch of a new underwear line at a sex shop in WeHo (That’s West of Houston I think for anyone not from NYC).  Now I don’t want to stir the pot or start any fires here, but I’m starting to wonder if there might be something fishy going on between these two.  I mean I know there is.  Fathers don’t take their 17 year old kids to buy crotchless panties as a way to say “I’m sorry.”  There has to be something more to this…I mean I know German people are strange, but nobody is this strange.  We’ll wait and see but don’t be surprised if his daughter is the one spiking his Club Soda and Lime in order to get him wasted and bag some more stripper gear.  It’s Hoff’s daughter I’m suspicious of here, her dad is getting wasted and she’s cleaning out the hottest sex shops in lower Manhattan, we’re on to you Hayley.


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