Asshole of the Day: NASA


Ok this should be more like asshole of the last 40 years but we’ll stick with just today.  So NASA just announced that there is water in the lunar soil…………ummm……thanks??  What does that do for me or anybody back on earth??  I swear to god it’s been one meaningless announcement after another with these people.  We have found river beds on Mars, Mars has liquid ice, water on the moon.  Forgive me if this is less than exciting news.  For christ sake we put people up there 40 years ago and now all we got is water?  40 years for that??  Maybe I’m a little impatient but shouldn’t we be like, I dunno, beaming people back and forth by now??  Shouldn’t we all have an alien best friend at this point in time??  We go from horse and buggies to a man on the moon in pretty much 60 years and in the 40 years since we have gone from walking on the moon to being facinated over water in it’s various forms.  If I want to look at ice I’ll go to my freezer.  NASA needs to pull it’s head out of it’s ass and make some progress already.  Now I know NASA supporters will come back at me with “oh but the space station…THE SPACE STATION!!”

FUCK THE SPACE STATION!!  I couldn’t care less about the damn pile of junk we spend all our money on.  I want lunar bases, I want warp fucking speed.  NASA always whines about their budget being cut and no support, well you assholes get no support because you build stupid shit like the space station.  Maybe if you set some cool goals, like putting men on mars or building a space elevator people might send a little more money your way.  This uninspired shit has to stop.  So I for one say fuck the water in the lunar soil…get back to me when you find this guy…


NASA asshole of the day


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