Welcome to The Loon!!!

Loon Creator

Loon Creator


Well here we go…The Loon era has begun.  Now this being a brand new excercise in internet debauchery it will take a little while to get going.  Hopefully after a few months of hard work this little site will become a go-to destination for those of you seeking out some fresh thinking.  The mission statement of this blog is to create a place where people of all political and ethnic backgrounds can come together and bash the living shit out of each other for their beliefs.  Political correctness will not be allowed or tolerated in any way.  In fact it’s the one sure way to get banned from the site.  No playing both sides of an argument, no fence sitting.  I want pure honest opinions from anyone who comments here and I in return will offer my no nonsense opinions about everything and anything under the sun.  No topic will be off limits; politics, entertainment, sports, war, fetishes.  The Loon will cover it all.  So let’s get this going.  And once again…Welcome to The Loon!


2 Responses to “Welcome to The Loon!!!”

  1. Matt Williamms Says:


  2. The_Creator Says:

    hello? that’s it?

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