So let me get this straight…Lakers forward Lamar Odom is marrying Khloe Kardashian?? WHAT? Ok, I think I’m usually pretty well informed when it comes to shit like this…I like to think I have the pulse of Hollywood…but I hadn’t heard a thing about this.  What the fuck is Odom thinking?? Dude you’re a professional basketball player!  You just won an NBA title, what are you doing with the ugly Kardashian sister??  That’s like a film studio deciding between casting Alec and Stephen Baldwin for a movie about JFK and choosing Stephen, it makes no sense.  Listen Lamar, I know this half-middle eastern half white fat girl may seem exotic, but you can do better…hell even I can do better.  I have no idea why Lamar would chose to bang this chick for the rest of his life, I mean she is in her prime right now and she’s busted.  If a French pansy can land Eva Longoria I feel like Lamar could at least get Paula Abdul…that would be like netting Helen of Troy compared to this trainwreck.


One Response to “Wait…What??”

  1. thinningtheherd Says:

    I had the same exact reaction…no offense Khloe, but “Lamar! WTF are you doing?! You are an NBA superstar, you can’t tell me you can’t do better than this broad?”

    I think you’d get a kick out of my blog that imagines a world where people like Khloe Kardashian didn’t exist anymore.


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