Nancy Pelosi is a Knockout



Now I know this is a cheap shot…but I just started this thing so I need a few floaters to knock out of the park before I get all hard hitting and in depth.  I had to find an easy target, so naturally I went after the speaker of the house.  If there was ever a bitch more deserving of a public flogging it’s this San Fran lotus blossum.  I mean just look at her…oh baby what a mug.  This is the most powerful woman in the country after Oprah and she’s sporting a face that looks like the crypt keeper after a sex change.  You’d think in America…the land of Megan Fox, we could do a little better for our highest ranking female politician.  Christ with all the money Washington steals from us on a daily bases you’d think Nancy could weasel a little away and get some good plastic surgery, not the Tijuana hatchet job she is currently rocking.  Call me old fashioned but I want my famous powerful women to be hot.  Say what you will about Sarah Palin but I’d line up 1000th to bang her over this thing.  Could Pelosi be any uglier?  The answer? Yes, the minute she opens her fucking mouth.  Is it too late to abort??  Nancy prolly doesn’t think so.


ahh that’s better…be right back…


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